Monday, 28 November 2011

Is Harry finished? Someone's got to ask it.

Now Craig Foster and the like can ooze over Harry's nice touch, his nice pass - so can I - but come on Australia - how many has there been?

Is the Emperor wearing any clothes?

We all want Harry to do Harry stuff - but Carlos is outperforming him. If you want skill, touch and goals look to Carlos Hernandez.

Harry Kewell may have a lot to contribute but how long will we have to wait. In the meantime Archie is being Archie, Carlos Carlos not to mention those pesky Roar entertainers up North.

Sure Harry can bring a lot to a team he was advising on the field yesterday (loved to know what he was saying) - but what is he bringing with his feet, with the ball.

Minimal by anyone's standards?

A great penalty, a few touches yesterday but too many times the greatest Australian player was caught in possession unable to move quickly enough to get out of trouble.

Is Harry finished. After seven games it's a fair question......but you didn't hear it from me!

1 comment:

OB said...

His vision and passing are more than enough to keep him in the team.
And if Carlos heads out to LA next season as may appear to be happening I think he'll be an excellent replacement.