Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Majura FC looking for Technical Facilitator

Up to $40 per hour, (that's more than Capital Football), 100 hours per year, here's a chance to get involved at football at a grassroots level.

My local club are after a Technical Football Facilitator - why not forward to anyone who may be interested. Do them a favour!

Great support from...well people like me...a club with a desire to improve football learning and development for all our players and a real focus on the 6-12 age group in 2012.

If you love football, love kids, community and want to get involved in improving our young players using the most up-to-date FFA methods make a play today!

You are not alone, the club already has:

Technical Football Committee to support you, Football Pre-season and Summer programs already running, an increasing number of licenced coaches, our first C Licence coach, more Rep players than ever, all 5-6s working with a ball, U7s training at school venues every week - all with a ball.

Slowly but surely we're improving football for our kids. Like to help?

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