Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Beckham bores? Sticca: a strange fan of football?

35,000 fans turned up to the quietest Melbourne Victory I've ever heard.

Big Boo to Promoter Lou Sticca. Imagine taking a team to play Celtic, Man United or Liverpool and saying your home supporter end, The Jungle, the Stretford End or The Kop are not allowed to sit in their usual places. Call yourself a football fan Lou - think not.

And have you ever heard anything like that at a Victory home game.

Nice one Lou - who can fill your coffers next year? Beckham to Gold Coast, Beckham to Adelaide, Beckham to Perth - keep going he's only 36!

As for the game - good to see Melbourne taking it seriously - the Galaxy looked like Lou had told them - to attack, only defend with three and in the first half do not tackle any Victory players in your own box. It worked. Victory looked a little better than they usually have this season.

As for Galaxy they lifted their tempo and tactics in the second half - they ran back!

Never much interested in friendlies of any team at any level.

But was interested to see 35,000 fans at the game in Melbourne and noticeably fewer Victory shirts etc in a very very quiet crowd.

Did any Victory fans go?

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