Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Great night for Aussie football: Adelaide into Asia

The FFA and Adelaide United held their breadth at the Asian Casino last night...and won.

United have won direct entry into the Asian Champions League - meaning Australia now has three teams in the group stages for the first time.

More exciting than watching Lou Sticca's fundraiser in Melbourne? You bet.

United were in with 4 other teams fighting for the last two spots - with the losers going to the very expensive, little revenue, lesser Asia Cup. Fortunately two Asian countries blinked - calculating they couldn't afford to gamble in the play-offs and lose and dropped out.

And then there were 3.

United were given direct access with the two remaining sides to play-off for the last spot.

How good is that!

Now Rini Coolen if you can just get the club on track and playing..well like the Reds now have even more incentive to build the club. Wonder if you will still be there come next week never mind next year.

Pity we couldn't have had a play-off in Australia for that last Asian place - would have been awesome.

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