Monday, 12 December 2011

Mem sets new bar for brilliant - and fyi it was Archie not Harry

The newspapers are reporting Harry was brilliant, brilliant, - or his Coach Mem thought he was.

Guess what the text I received from a football mate straight after the game said, "Kewell ordinary."

And I might be "just a blogger" but I know brilliance when I see it.

Lionel Messi Sunday morning - absolutely brilliant.

Archie Thompson, goal, movement and touch - Saturday night - brilliant.

Harry Kewell - good in parts - missed two sitters - got in on the act VERY late on. Brilliant - there Mem's words not mine.

Marcus Rojas pass for Kewell late on - that was brilliant - what Harry did with it was just okay - he didn't score, no-one scored, no-one received it.

A new bar for brilliant?

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