Monday, 5 December 2011

Brisbane lost - Sydney find an attacker? Commentators entertain

Great weekend for the believers in young Australian football players, attacking players.

Bernie Ibini, Mustafa Amini, Demi Petratos, Mate Dugandzic just some of the young Aussies hitting the net - and three of them are Under 20.

Laugh: Robbie Slater in his column on Sunday discussed how to beat the Roar - and he mentioned how Sydney would miss THE PACE of Mark Bridge.

Well to all football fans Mark Bridge has many things but pace he ain't.

Think pace think Petratos - he's now scored as many goals this season as Bridge!

And one for Jan Versliejan - playing Petratos in the midfield in the Youth World Cup was a huge mistake - his short passing game is erratic, he has pace, many skills (sometimes) and an eye for a goal. Maybe Vitaslav Lavicka learned a thing or two about his forward line yesterday.

Sydney got lucky - an early goal, a dodgy corner and unlike the previous time they played Brisbane they took their chances and for once Liam Reddy didn't do anything too stupid. Remember the first game?

As for Brisbane - well had to laugh at Fox Sports Commentators saying Sydney were fantastic in the first half.

70% possession to the Roar suggested something else.

And in Adelaide wasn't it great to see young Aussies getting a goal each. Amini has made the headlines but there is a lot to like about Bernie Ibini-Isei and he's the perfect foil for Matt Simon - more skill, more nous and more pace. Working well.

And if Sydney can beat the Roar - well how much for the Mariners chances?

Sydney with Terry Antonis to refire, Mark Bridge to return will continue to do well - especially away from home. And if their keeper can keep clean sheets they will improve. A big if!

The Mariners on the other hand - how far can they go?

The Roar might have the record but the Mariners are going to challenge them pretty hard I reckon.

A 36 game run and only three points ahead - not unasailable is it?
And in Josh Rose and Pedj Bojic we have a carbon copy of Ivan Franjic and Shane Stefanutto.

Compare the other full backs around the league - Jamie Coyne, Scott Jamieson, Fabio, the guys in Adelaide, you get my drift. Which teams have the best defensive and attacking full-backs. Which teams are 1 and 2!

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