Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lynchy after FFA award like Cockerill as well?

Mike Cockerill got his FFA Award this week, and fair play to him. You do the time, 30 years - you get an award.

I'm no fan of Mike's football analysis, he knows that - his tactical and player movements on and around the park leave a lot to be desired for this football fan. I grew up in the UK!

His newspaper work is different - he rarely analyses the football from a tactical perspective. But writes the stories of the day. Often over the years using his job to push dumb ideas - Richard Porta for one, Wollongong A-League beat-ups another, big crowd coming to the SFS yet another - and of course his particular own vitriole in the Harry Kewell saga down the years.

Odd that one - personal, yes, professional? I'd question. Certainly more Daily Telly than SMH.

And now we have his comrade at Fairfax down in Melbourne doing the same. Lynchy a far better football writer in my view, is now hammering Kewell at every opportunity.

Pay back time for Bernie Mandic's refusal to allow Harry to talk to Mike and Mick down the years? Or does Lynch see the only way to get into the FFA Hall of Fame is to follow Mike Cockerill and slag Kewell!

Bizarre stuff - by my count the last four major Lynchy pieces have been having a go at Harry. Does he deserve that many questions over his personal coach, his contribution, his contract - and all in the space of a week or two - or since Bernie left.

Maybe Bernie gone, it's time to write about Harry - negatively. Maybe Bernie protected Harry better than we knew!

Dunno - but it all seems very odd, the strength of analysis, the amount of analysis. Odd timing.

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