Friday, 16 December 2011

Brisbane Roar: Now we all know how to beat them, or is Ange really the master coach?

The Salary Cap has struck again.

Brisbane Roar have lost Thomas Broich, Henrique, Matt Smith and other key players in recent weeks and as a result despite continuing to boss possession, key goals have been conceded and a lack of attacking penetration has seem the team suffer three defeats in a row.

Imagine Barcelona not being able to replace David Villa, Manchester United Darren Fletcher etc etc. The top clubs have a heap of (spare)players - think of Man City's bench, Nazri for $20 million rarely starts - even their bench in Argentina! (Tevez)

The Salary Cap is good for the A-League, no doubt about that.

Whilst the Mariners are perhaps the best match for the Roar and that makes this weekends game fascinating - the Roar despite their possession style have shown glaring weaknesses can be exposed.

And the recent record breakers do have glaring weaknesses, do they not?

  • The now famous high line can easily be broken - can your team finish?
  • Defend, narrowly, in huge numbers - the Roar will struggle to breakthrough and rarely vary their attack.
  • Speed of ball - once the Roar slow the ball the threat is gone. Teams can easily monitor this during a game.
The Roar can be beaten - can Ange come up with solutions with or without his star men?

Not conceding would be a start?

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