Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A-League professionalism shines through.....again, and again

Two bits of A-League off field brilliance to make you weep this festive sesason.

Marcos Flores is brilliant - and still United couldn't win the league - well lets sign the Coach up for four years and let Flores go.....

Loving the A-League business minds working hard around the country prior to the season and now the chooks have come to roost.

Perth Glory - remember the review, get yer man Fergie in and another dodgy Brazilian import, pour money into a couple of overseas washed-up Irishmen and of course watch the ageing Aussies and Kiwi's sign up for another round of easy money.

Tony Sage has spent heaps and got nothing to show for it - other than the injured Scott Neville what are, who are Perth Glory?

Is Jamie Coyne less Perth than Andrezinho, is Billy Celeski less Perth than Steven McGarry, is Tando Velaphi less Perth than Danny Vukovic, Danny McBreen less than Billy Mehmet, Nikolai Topor-Stanley less Perth than Bas Van Den Brink and so on and on it goes.

Tony gets angry - but Tony get some advice and do your dough properly and build a real club before, some stability build around it before it's too late.

Who is advising you?

Local Agents or the PFA?

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