Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fox Sports FC - any football? Show needs further tweaking dunnit.

Now I love a good yarn as much as the rest of them but is it me or has Fox Sports FC just reduced itself to talk and more talk.......wake up!

You'd hardly know the show was about football from the visual hour.

Hardly a piece of football action in the show last night, especially in the first 45 mins. A good interview with Rhys Williams - and interesting interviews from Kossie and the Chair of Adelaide United.

But where is the football?

A talkfest - or a bore fest?

Really if we do need to hear Harps and Bozzo's opinions on Adelaide United - at least put it with some season footage so we don't have to listen so intently to the "analysis." But surely the key men - the Chair and Kossie covered anything the presenters could tell us. We're not thick we heard what they said and can make our own judgement.

And when time is short - as Andy Maher always tells us it is - we simply repeat, get guests to repeat what Harps and Bozza asks.

"Heard anything more on the Tevez move to Milan," Bozza/Harps asks. To which ex-star London based footballer but it looks like he'll move to Milan in January.

Hasn't the guys from Fox heard of the internet - we're all over it!

We want more football video, more football analysis through video, and if we're having good interviews, and we are, lets cut the Harps and Bozza drivel - time is too short.

And get Mel to host the show - she's at the games, she's got the knowledge and she's a great host. Do it!

Andy is fine but he doesn't add anything in terms of footy nous, footy credibility. He doesn't feel like "he is football."

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Dean said...

....and you are forgetting one thing. She is also good to look at (Mel not Bozza).