Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year:Melbourne out Sydney you are next

Is Mehmet worse than Vitaslav?

Arguably they are about the same - although Mem hasn't had a lot of time to work his magic, I'd argue his appointment from Feb should have shown us some better football, better structure than what we've seen.

Should he be sacked?

Who knows but the Board gave him his chance, also Francis Awaritefe....and now they are both gone. Says more about the board than Mem and Francis in my view.

Also clearly going from Youth League to A-League is a big big risk.

Vitaslav is clearly under threat. Mr Nice Guy has almost three years and still Clint Bolton plays for Melbourne Heart - and Liam Reddy for Sydney FC.

Ten goals in three games is ugly. At least Sydney are much improved on last season - they can attack but not through Vitaslav's signings. Scott Jamieson and Shannon Cole have been at best inconsistent - his forwards have been slow and cumbersome - Mark Bridge never scores.

And Liam Reddy must have given at least 9 points away this season on his own. Simply not good enough. Who signed him?

And that leaves the rocks. Michael Beauchamp! Has hardly inpsired.

Terry Antonis, Ryan Grant, Brett Emerton have all done good.

Vitaslav signed none - had them foisted or developed for him.

Sydney could be good - just not under Vitaslav?

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