Monday, 23 January 2012

Australian football media: Weekend highlights were in Canberra?

A bloggers role, in football, is perhaps simply to call and comment on things as they see them.

Free of entrepreneur "vision" or the paymasters check I can call it as I see it. Simple as that.

For too long Australian football media has produced unscintillating football reportage. Many still are uninspiring but with Fox on board, more bloggers we have an increasing varied and slowly but improving media.

Still we have dross and this weekend made me weep just a tad.

First check out this Tony Palumbo videi - I probably don't need to say more but would you put your story to air if you produced something for Youtube of this quality never mind SBS?

Do you think in 2012 we could only use material of a professional standard, with something worth saying.

Then we have Robbie Slater with his continuing bewildering attack and analysis of SBS journo Craig Foster. Enough about that except to say as Robbie has seemingly and rightly lost his key role at Fox, although continues as a match commentator for now, maybe this is Robbie's desire to remain important. His ego has always been on display when he has been on-air, often endearing it seems to have taken over his commentary pieces.

To his detriment.

David Davutovic chipped in with a rather lame piece on the Women's game discussing how the women's game (yawn) has come such a long way - ahead of the Victory's semi-final. A strange piece given we've had five years or more of hugely increases in quality and media coverage of the women's game.

But it's not all bad - the Canberra Times had fantastic coverage of the United players leading into the semi-final. Each story was interesting had real information on players, tactics or their football journey. David take note!

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