Monday, 23 January 2012

Record crowd for Canberra United

The result was important - but the attendance of 1750 at the weekend semi final was a record for Canberra United, has all associated with football in Canberra delighted.

In fact the crowd increased by over 100% from the previous game - could the same happen for this weeks final?

Brisbane will take on United in the W-League final this weekend and it should be a cracker.

Local talk is more about what time you'll have to get their to secure one of the decreasing number of available seats!

462 - that's how many seats we have, and with an increasing membership, media and sponsors allocated seats there are hardly any left for the fans!

1.30pm - that's the word if you want to actually get a seat at the Grand Final next week. Alternatively a spot on the bank should be available but we all love a winner so who knows if the crowd could swell to capacity. A capacity of just 3,500!

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