Monday, 23 January 2012

Victory has no Muscat - it's that simple

Melbourne Victory were worse than ever - and yet that's despite changing the coach.

Kevin Muscat has been told to work on the defence!

He'd be better doing a Paul Scholes and get himself back on the pitch.

Adrian Leijer and Roddie Vargas are not just weak, but have been exposed all season and how is Leijer a leader.

Another shocking defensive performance from the Captain yesterday.

With the midfield looking to Leigh Broxham for domination and control, Jacob Burns must have been laughing his boots off. Probably even put his shinpads away.

Perth simply destroyed the Victory. Defensive blunders came thick and fast. And Victory looked a complete mess.

No link play, no ball retention and incredibly exposed by the wonderful and oft criticised on this blog, Evan Berger.

A full back at Victory - his energy and skill perhaps much more to offer in a forward left-side role. Time will tell but he had his best and most exciting A-League game ever yesterday! Nice one Evan, great to see.

The bunch of old pros at Perth looked great for 45 minutes, but at 3-0 up they knew their job and legs were done and eased back.

Just as well.
Victory were simply embarrassing, Leijer was worse. Is that the Coaches fault if your Captain and defence are so poor?

Honeymoon over Jim?

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