Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sydney FC: That was nice...but bloody boring!

Viteslea Lavicka is leaving!

Well is he leaving or was he dumped? Guess it doesn't matter.

Has a manager in Australia, in Sydney, ever been given such an easy ride.

The media in Australia all write and tweet about the guy being a lovely bloke but what about his coaching, how will he remembered?

Like Pierre Littbarski he won a Championship - unlike Littbarski's one year era I can't say Vitaslav had an attacking bone in his body. Terry McFlynn v Dwight Yorke. Who would you prefer to pull the strings in midfield?

The year Sydney won the title, albeit on penalties, his defence was the key. The next year he lost half his defence including his goalkeeper and since then they've been pretty poor at best, rubbish at worst.

As an attacking team they produced little of interest in the three years...some good signs this year....but then their defence/keeper has thrown away easy points.

But the reality is Mr Nice Guy was given three years, three years and he still has a shadow of an attacking team.

For Sydney FC it's been a disaster. Poor crowds, woeful football.

Don't believe me? Do you turn on Fox just dying to watch Sydney FC?

As your answer is no - I must be right.

Glad to see the nice guy gets to go home.

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