Friday, 13 January 2012

Jim 1 Mehmet 0: Coaching, so much more than tactics?

He's been here a week - who knows who the better Coach is - but football is often about bluff and baloney and the man from Belfast has it in spades...or so it seems.

Memhet has a deep rich voice but his media efforts were poor, didn't inspire or excite the fans. He couldn't explain his vision, looked frozen before the camera and when things got tough he had no bluster or baloney to fall back on.

Jim's got a look, the blue eyes and the media despite their Ockerness seem to be swooning for him.

A win tomorrow, with a little conviction and Harry starting to fire and Jim may well up the rhetoric a notch of two.

Football fans enjoy the brash and brazen. Mem was never that.

Jim has seen a few battles no doubt from Belfast to QPR and back. If he gets his team playing, and let's face it he has the talent on the park to assist - a little Irish blarney and a wee blue twinkle of the eye from the big man and the media may flirt a little more.

Who said Coaching was just about the football?

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