Monday, 16 January 2012

Who was the last British Coach to perform in Australia?

Robbie Slater has taken Craig Foster to task over Fozzie's article/analysis of Melbourne Victory's Coaching appointment.

Fozzie's article is intelligent, well thought out and something we need in this country - even if you don't agree with it's sentiment.

It adds to our football intelligence, it makes us think.

Robbie's reply is like a fan on a forum having a rant. It's unprofessional, lacks analysis and if his point is British Coaches are good - he hasn't been able to articulate this.

He hasn't taken the debate forward.

So when was the last British Coach to inspire a team in Australia at club level.

Terry Venables did well at National level - but failed ultimately - at 2-0 the great British Coach was unable to close the Iran game out. His ultimate test, the ultimate judgement?

Richard Money, Terry Butcher and Steve McMahon were rubbish. Some had stellar international careers and playing careers way way beyond Jim Magilton.

Ernie Merrick and Lawrie McKinna have been here way too long to be counted as British Coaches in my view - although the British influence remained. Ernie could never adapt his play to Asia - was this his UK influence? And indeed McKinna's team were pretty ordinary to watch.

So the recent evidence is British Coaches outside the very elite of the Premier League are a huge risk.

Playing/Coaching teams like Bolton, Stoke, Sunderland and all Championship teams does not give you much assistance in preparing for the Aussie game.

Our game is different, not necessarily better, just heading in a different way.

Having arrived in Australia in 1990 I took to the NSL lke a duck to water. I was pleasantly surprised by the style of play of all NSL teams. Much more emphasis on the ball possession than I'd ever seen in the UK bar Liverpool and Leeds back then.

Sure the whole squad wasn't at the individual levels of the UK teams but the way teams tried to play was different.

And today the A-League is much more football oriented than any Championship team and let's face it teams outside the Premier League big six are pretty dire to watch. Ever watched Wolves?

So Fozzie's points are important.

It's not anti-British necessarily, more anti the football culture, coaching etc those countries produce.

Adrian Leijer calling Magilton the Gaffer - stank to me.

Good luck to Jim - I hope he plays Harry on the left, and improves the team, but I'm with Fozz - the debate is bigger than Magilton and needs to be raised.

Can British Coaches outside the EPL really contribute to Australian Club Football - and where is the evidence in Australia that they have done this?

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