Monday, 16 January 2012

A-League on fire: Brilliant Kewell, Brilliant Brisbane.

Fantastic the football on the weekend.

Tucked into two games. Victory and Adelaide and Brisbane v Sydney.

What treats.

Harry Kewell turned back the clock with a wonderful performance, again. If Archie or Danny could have finished one or two of their Harry inspired chances Victory would have won.

But weren't Adelaide a joy...a joy. Great performance from the Reds. Great to see how a new Coach can get the team playing - that's four strong performances and the Reds are again worth watching.

And in Brisbane - if you missed that game - you have missed one of the games of the season.

Brilliant tense, tactical battle with lots of pace, skill and effort on display.

Hats off to both teams or should that be shirts with Berisha having a rant after the game.

Great to see Brisbane on the march again. Sydney could have done no more...and that remains their problem.

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