Friday, 13 January 2012

A-League: Owners and fans are....mad! Ask the Coaches

Rini from Adelaide he's gone, Branko from Newcastle he's gone, Mehmet from Melbourne already gone...

A-League winner Vitaslav is surely going...The Jets give Championship winningrecently appointed Van Egmond a guarantee, Fergie is he really still there? and Miron draws 2,000 a week, crowd not dollars, and now is set to wear a mic in the half-time dressing room....

With all these contract breaks, threats etc the A-League owners must have money to burn on....Coaches.

The place is all gone mad.

God help yer man Jim if he doesn't win a few games - he might not last till March, Arnie is safe, Ricky is across the ditch and out of harms way, and that leaves Ange - come to think of it he lost a few just recently!

How much does a Pro-Licence cost?

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