Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sydney FC: Only good enough to beat Brisbane? And look how many they lost since then.....

The Coach of Sydney FC is a very nice man...or so we're told over and over but after close to three years in charge the team from the biggest city in Australia flatters to

Season 1: Won the Championship. Fantastic, but they were the most boring team ever to win the A-League under Vitaslav. Maybe the guy over-achieved!

Still we expected this to be built on in Season Two when he could shape his team a little more. A clear out of Clint Bolton and Simon Colosimo to Melbourne to be replaced by Liam Reddy and Scott Jamieson among others.

As the team went from Championship highs to the lowest of lows in one season, maybe one week. No pace, no defence and a poor keeper. The fans disappeared in droves.

And so to season 3.

Back came Karol Kisel, Nicky Carle and Brett Emerton and a blossoming Terry Antonis. And the flair returned intially especially on the break away from home.

Liam Reddy spilled the first against Brisbane in the first real test of the season and Sydney have never really settled again.

The win over Brisbane to end the Roar's great unbeaten run flattered everyone.

The team struggles in defence, not least it's keeper, and in attack it lacks the real pace in the front line or out wide to really test opposing teams, especially at home.

In Terry Antonis, Brett Emerton and Nicky Carle there is enough pace and creativity to surely threaten any team over the 90 - but if your defence concedes, very very soft goals, as it did again against the Central Coast Mariners the team from the biggest city is doomed.

Sydney are a little more consistent this year, a little better at retaining the ball as the midfield quality as player quality improved, but are they paying for Vitalav's forward recruitment policy or lack thereof.

Sydney need an adventurous team - think Man United at home, Celtic at home, Melbourne Victory at home. Pacy, threatening, aggressive and dominant - even if they lose.

If the team reflects the manager - Sydney are slow, thoughtful and ponderous. Too nice.

He's been here three years but good football, exciting football is still to be seen from Sydney FC.

Has Vitaslav ever produced an exciting team?

If he has funds to buy some forwards, perhaps replace Terry McFlynn and of course replace Reddy a strong A-League team could evolve.

But would Vitaslav know a good forward if he saw one?

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Anonymous said...

I love how you compared Man United, Celtic and Melbourne Victory in the same sentence... Classic comedy!