Sunday, 12 February 2012

Jim Magilton sees the future - and it ain't the killer B's thank god!

We knew the Melbourne Victory defence, central defence was too slow, too fragile and lacked Muscat.

And in midfield the pairing of Leigh Broxham and Grant Brebner could never control the game in the Asian Champions League games - at times the Victory were embarrassing - and these our Aussie Champions - and this season they've never had the ball, kept the ball or enabled the style boys to get on the ball.

No good for Asia - surely not a pairing worthy of Australian style - and so it proved - Ernie didn't know it, Mem didn't nor Muscat it seems.

Are they gone for good as a pair - they should be.

Thank you Jim!

And in Sydney - everyone talks up Liam Reddy. Finally he's gone too - but how long did it take and the Coach and the Aussie media talked him up for two years too many.

How many goals were Sydney prepared to concede through Reddy's displays? How many points were lost as a direct result of his fumbles?

Seems we football fans often have clearer perspective than so-called wonderful coaches.

Nice one Jim didn't take you long to see the light - and Vitelav you might have taken two years to do it, but it might have saved your season. You never know do you?

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