Sunday, 12 February 2012

Canberra continues to produce quality footballers - Tom Rogic is next.

We're a small city in a region of 700,000 people. Not a professional mens football team worthy of a mention, not now, not in living memory.

And yet we still produce quality - quality footballers and in the case of Joe Simunic, Carl Valeri who are both still playing, star Internationals.

Throw in excellent A-League stalwarts, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Matty Kemp and Brisbane Roars Kofi Danning and we've almost got a half a team.

Steven Lustica is on the rise - a four year deal in Hadjuk Split's centre midfield - how good is that for a guy who couldn't get 90 minutes or a new contract with the Gold Coast.

And now we have Tom Rogic.

When did Canberra last produce an attacking midfielder of real excitement, real promise? Kaz Patafta? But his star waned. Before then - who knows.

A long long way to go for Tom - but there are guys running around professional football all over the World, who have never and will never produced two pieces of football like Rogic did on Friday in Victory land - one a goal, the other an almost.

We love the biff down here in Canberra - League, Union and now AFL - and yet somehow we keep produce these real football gems.

If we had a Professional Mens team - could we double our output of the type of quality we have listed above.

Of course we could.

Anyone got a plan?

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spathi said...

The plan? Yes the plan. Where is the plan?