Monday, 6 February 2012

Mr Nice Guy: Why is Sydney's defence so poor this year?

There was a time under the soon to be booted nicest man in football when Sydney won 1-0 - boring but they won.

Then in season 2, they lost 1-0. More boring and more frustrating.

Now in Season 3 they lose, by 3, 4 or 5 and that's at home.

Mr Lavicka might be nice - but he's a pretty ordinary coach.

Sydney dumped him - and on Sydney the Jets showed why they have made the right decision.

He's a defensive expert coach - or so we're told - and yet look at his recruits and results in the defence this year.

Michael Beauchamp - poor recruit
Scott Jamieson - poor recruit
Liam Reddy - shocking recruit
Shannon Cole - intermittent performances.
Jamie Coyne - average
Pascal Bosschart - average

Simon Colosimo, Clint Bolton, Matt Jurman, Iain Ramsay (full back) Nikolai Topor-Stanley are just some who jumped ship - not all under Vitaslav's leadership but you have to wonder what is going on.

Most of the attacking players who have left scored against Sydney on the weekend!

If Gary Van Egmond can inspire his team to such performances how come Mr Nice Guy has not given Sydney fans one inspiring home performance in three years.

And I don't count finals football all late comebacks - they just get too much practice at late comebacks - one is bound to come off!

Only one Czech Coach of any note in Australia - and she's in Canberra.

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