Monday, 6 February 2012

Meet the Billionaires throught football....Aussie football of course

The Indonesian based Bakrie group have taken ownership, 100%, of Brisbane Roar.

With Clive Palmer, Tony Sage, Nathan Tinkler and all the Billionaires in and around Sydney FC ownership it can't be too hard for the hard-nosed progressive Aussie businessmen to see how they might get an opportunity to meet and greet and get introduced to some very rich men.

That's a lot of wealth in A-League dressing rooms, grounds right now etc so this should be another stepping stone to enhancing and growing the code and with renewed focus from the FFA we should see the game further progress.

I love the FFA online registration system - 100% of football registrations across Australia in the FFA database eventually, all coaches registered under the new FFA scheme.

You'd have to think slowly but surely we can leverage more dollars into the game as we get more of our "grassroots community" hooked in. And that can only be good for the whole growth of the game.

The football is good right now, even Wellington - but we need further increase in crowds and sponsorship - but you wouldn't think you'd have too many problems selling corporate packages these days would you!

And if we could just get Sydney to put two or three seasons of decent football together we might have further media coverage. After all Sydney loves a winner.

Interesting to see what happens with the Roar in coming years.

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