Saturday, 4 February 2012

Where now for Cricketer Ellyse Perry?

Can you still really play two sports at the elite level in Australia?

Ellyse Perry thinks so and with great support from Matildas Coach Tom Sermanni over the years she has done so.

But her recent decision to play cricket for Australia and miss the semi and final of the W-League season left me wondering where now for Ellyse?

She's worked hard to perform at the elite level in both sports - making World Cup Squads in both.

But anyone who watched her over the last few years in the W-League would have seen a player who made a huge impact in her first W-League season, a Matilda in waiting it seemed. But despite continuing to perform admirably she has never really achieved that next level.

Ellyse, in my view, should have been a guaranteed starter in every game in the last World Cup - that she wasn't in part was due to her continuing participation in two elite sports.

She simply didn't progress quickly enough, check some of her United team mates progression and Ellyse is no longer the standout she was - ironically at the last World Cup she lost her spot to a 16 year old in Caitlin Ford.

Now the rumours are she walked away from United, or some say she was booted out and who knows where the truth lies - but you have to wonder if you can't play a semi or final for your team then who will recruit you under such conditions next W-League season?

Maybe one of the lesser teams would be happy - but a title chasing team, I wonder?

Similarly if she'd played football and missed the cricket internationals how would cricket view that.

While all the celebrations were happening in Canberra last week it was sad to see Ellyse Perry unable to be part due to her amazing talents. She'd contributed much over the last few seasons - when she'd played!

I feel she is going to have to make a choice between the two sports - I could be wrong - and one senses with the Matildas lack of football in coming months the choice is made for her.

It's cricket!

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