Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Skillaroos - not SSG's for all?

If you talk to some in clubland they follow and preach the FFA Small Sided Game mantra.

Nothing else.

Well those of us who work with kids know SSG's work in the working class areas of Brazil, although even I would maintain some of those kids could have technical correction to speedy along their SSG development, but they aren't the complete answer in clubland in Australia.

And the FFA recognise this.

It's interesting to see the FFA has introduced the Skillaroos.

All Skillaroo Coaches have been trained by Coerver Coaching Technical Guru Alfred Galustian.

And now the very best kids get this technical Skillaroo training on top of their Small sided Games.

The game is the teacher, and of course SSG's are way better than what we used to have. But any coach working in clubland with the 7 - 11 year olds will know that SSG's on their own will never correct or show the proper technique for side foot passing with both feet - for example.

And if it does it could take a long long time for the games to get the kid on track.

I know I've seen it and watched it.

Small technical individual correction is required. A kid quickly improves and then can return to play a higher level of SSG.

So any Coach out there who tells me SSGs are the be all and end all simply ain't got it have they.

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