Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Former Gunner gives Fozzie some help - but Fox Sports drops that pin:)

Had to laugh on Fox Sports panel last night.

Stuart Houston, former Arsenal defender, is a commentator and discusses all things English football. (Dead boring bit of the show and I normally switch off but last night I stayed for a while.)

So when asked about the merits of Arry I can't write only add up dollars Rednapp for England he basically said Arry was a manager, he can't coach. A wheeler and dealer on the transfer market and you can't buy players for England FC!

He went further and said there was a massive crises in English Coaching - still. Basically the standard of coaching was shocking.

And what did Fox Sports panel do with this gem - straight through to the Keeper. Not a murmour from Harps, Bozza or Mike Cockerill.

I heard the pin, albeit briefly, but it was loud.

Of course given the recent debates in Australian football at least a little humour or dig could have come from it - but it didn't....but then Robbie works for Fox I guess.


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AJ said...

Beside the point but its Stewart Robson.