Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Woden Valley leading the way in girl development?

Football registration days are upon us - and players can't wait for the May 1 start.

When you're a kid do you know how far away that is!

Woden Valley so long the leaders of girls football - where would the two div 1 Under 13 Rep program be without the talent produced by Colin Johnstone and the Woden Valley club over the last two years. Take a moment to see how many girls were from Woden, in the last two Rep teams, and then consider why a group of players were technically gifted ahead of the rest of the city.

It's not just a numbers thing. Someone has to guide, teach and work with the technique.

And this year the Woden Valley girls program has stepped up, well actually jumped up. It's exciting, unless you are Coach of other girls teams across Canberra!

140 girls. I'll repeat that. 140 girls training two nights a week from Feb 1 in Ages 10 - 15. Have you ever heard anything like it?

Not through Capital Football programs or any other club in Canberra ever?

With Colin's guidance in technical and game improvement this pool of players will quickly rise above the girl programs across other Canberra clubs - unless you know different.

Fantastic to see the response of the girls - maybe Capital Football have been handed a gift here, and should sit down with Woden to work and assist this huge group of players - at least watch and learn from club development - nay send some Coaches.

Should this be the Canberra United Development Academy Southside?

This is player development on a massive scale.

I know Woden have been blown away by the response.

At Majura, my club, U13 girls will train twice a week from Feb 22nd, Brindabella have used Coerver programs I'm told and others including Belnorth, Belsouth and Belwest have joined to create a new development program, so there are changes, positive improvements, in girls football in clubland, across Canberra.

As positive in Representative land - not for girls, not yet.

But to hear of 140 girls playing football from Feb 1 under great football leadership as well - very impressive. Let's hope there is some competition to keep them challenged.

I fear not!

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