Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Would society benefit without the Evil Twin?

So Rangers are in Administration.

Basically Rangers have over spent through the last however many years - owing so much money they are law breakers!

Does that mean all the Championships over the last 3 or 10 years were won unfairly, nay illegally.

Perhaps they should be stripped of their titles and hand them back to their law abiding and rightful owners.....Celtic.

And the cry is "Rangers out" is not good for Celtic?

Well really, I don't doubt for a minute that the mighty Rangers won't continue in some form.

For me; a society without a focus of bigotry, racism and sectarianism is a better society.

Fined by UEFA for their sectarian chants - they weren't playing Celtic that day either!

Ban on Catholics for so many years - the stain remains.

And listen to the songs of the 50,000 Gers fans - hard to understand where such hatred comes from. Hatred for Ireland, and indeed the Pope. And there are no Catholic lovers on this site! Less still in the Celtic stands if they even realised.

Celtic will survive with or without Rangers - but would society be better off without the evil twin?

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