Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ange Postecoglou: the greatest Oz inspiration to Aussie Grassroots Coaches ever?

If you've ever watched the Brisbane Roar play - and most Aussie's don't have Fox Sports so will never have seen them - they play to instruction, tactic and a tempo rarely, some say never, seen in Australia.

There is many elements to their game but one is critical to Australian football development at all levels.

Ange has his team keeping possession, with quick movement and interchange of player and ball. And it all starts from the keeper, and often returns to the keeper.

And here's the rub:

All A-League teams know how the Roar will pass the ball out from their keeper and indeed Michael Theolokitos, while not as poor as Mark Bosnich was with his feet, Theo is no Lionel Messi is he?

But Ange continues to persist, nay insist football must be played this way.

And this in a brutal professional era where fans and owners are quick to criticise or sack the Coach if results and performances are suspect.

So if the leader of Australia's Champion Club can persist while other professional teams know and try and restrict their play-out from the back style what reason is there for your local U16, U14, U8 Coach to "inspire" their kids to punt it long and to never play back, ever?

Ange gives us some hope down here in club land.

We haven't had many Australians to inspire us in Coach land over the years and the parents down here take a while to understand what you are trying to do.

Yes they take a while.

So as grassroots, the mighty, unattached grassroots kick-off we salute you Ange and will use your name and your team's name ad nauseum.

Even if they've never seen you, or your team play, they'll know you exist and stand for something good in football - at least on my sideline.

Viva - and thank you.

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