Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Is Jim's appointment the end of Vision Victory?

It looks like Jim down South, sounds like Jim and according to those in the know it will be Jim.

And while Australia Coaching stocks are at an all time high the Victory are unable to set a new course or claim to be an innovative club if they take on honest, but still unproven Jim.

He dropped Broxham and Brebner from the midfield and that for me gives him a huge tick, a huge insight. His results haven't improved but he saw the problem. His midfield and then his defence. He has bought in a Brazilian via Hong Kong, but it's no solution, no Kevin Muscat.

He's revitalised Marcos Rojas and Harry Kewell continues to play, well.

Like Mehmet before if Archie Thompson has simply scored 10% of this chances how many points would the Victory now have. They'd at least be in the six. Archie used to score - more.

Ernie Merrick, Gary Van Egmond, Graham Arnold, Ange Postecoglou, Aurelio Vidmar are five of our most proven best coaches. Will we add Robbie Hooker in time?

Some Coaches have failed in Asia - most notably Ernie Merrick - but all have impressed at times, with their tactical and team tempo and presentation.

Ange Postecoglou is a living legend but that's another story.

Should our leading club Victory turn to Europe? Or why not Asia or again why not Australia.

Muscat is too inexperienced, perhaps too close.

The playing squad has been too old, too stagnant for too long. Ernie must have known. And they've achieved this year what such an unbalanced squad would. Too rich up front and not much at the back.

Look at the goals conceded and even the Captain Adrian Leijer has looked rather ordinary without Muscat covering his errors and inexperience.

British Jim has tweaked the team and I've seen enough to suggest he can take the next step. Will he really not be able to improve that defence, rejuvenate the forward line?

Victory may not return to the top spot anytime soon but surely with a clear out of Brebner, Allsopp, Salorzano, Hernandez, Vargas, Pondeljak, Kemp and Broxham the remaining players and new personnel can gel into something evolving a football unit.

And there'd surely be some money to spend on decent wages with most of the above gone.

Attacking they've done well but rarely scored enough. Defensively from the front they've been a disaster.

Is Jim the guy to lead them forward - it looks like it, but Victory are not heading for the stars and Asia with this appointment are they?

Victory the end of a vision?

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