Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Aussie Coaches to get their chance after seven years or are we just cheaper?

Graham Arnold and Ange Postecoglou are proven Aussie Coaches.

We are now confident that any team they put out will have a plan, a football nous to take on any team at any level.

Can they change tactics mid-game? Arnie over Ange at this stage but Ange is probably superior in his vision, just.

And now John Aloisi and Tony Popovic, it seems, are to get a gig.

A little early for Aloisi - a very high risk strategy their and similarly for Popovic.

But where else does one learn to Coach? Not in the NSW or  VPL it seems.

When did the last Coach come through those ranks.

 No the way through is from the Youth teams, or Assistant to a higher profile club. I wish the two new Aussies well. They join an increasing list of Aussie and Kiwi Coaches in the league.

Has the Aussie Coach come of age or are we just cheaper in our new financially stringent management ownership model?

Will Spencer Prior or Robbie Hooker be others to get a look in, in coming seasons?

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