Wednesday, 9 May 2012

AFL dropped the ball on the Asia Cup they are playing catch up.

The AFL worked overtime to successfully kill the World Cup bid.

An impressive feat but unfortunately when they all popped their corks down in Melbourne they seemed to think their job was done.

No, football just trundles on and when Australia was given the Asia Cup bid the AFL must have been asleep.

But the AFL is awakening and has suddenly realised not only is the Asia Cup coming to Australia its also going to provide a heck of a lot of political monies and kudos for football over the next three years.

After all you can't have your 16 biggest and best Asia neighbours coming without wanting to make a huge impression on their fans, political leaders and associated business entourages.

Everyone will love football for a few weeks. Even Clive Palmer, Collingwood President's and whichever political government state or federal is in power.

The AFL might not like it, and heads must be being bashed at HQ - how the hell did we let this happen and more importantly how can we sabotage it. We need to start now!

Step 1: Get Eddie to say on his show - The Asia Cup - tell em it's a lemon, another lemon waiting to happen and start to sell the message. "We all think it's a lemon." Make it sound like we are Australia this is another little intrusion into our life from a foreign game. Make sure Eddie doesn't acknowledge it could be a great thing for all our business mates.

Step 2: Lock up the Stadiums with the NAB pre-season, pre-season cup. What do you mean they don't need our Stadiums this time?

Step 3: Get all the teams to come to AFL games. Free tickets for fans. We don't play in January Andrew?

Step 4: Place stories about tickets being priced way too high and keep mentioning flop, lemon and the expected crowd for Oman v Uzbekistan.

Step 5: Let's promote the Aussie cricket team get them to play in more than one city at one that possible. Give out free HD TV's. We're getting desperate.

Step 6: DO NOT let them get funds for any stadium upgrades, ever never. This is one political fight we must win. They do not get funds for any stadiums. Did you hear me.

Step 7: How can we improve our funds, stadiums from this lemon?

Step 8: How the hell did they get a bid over the line without us knowing?

Step 9: You told me we ditch the World Cup bid then football is are so wrong, you are fired.

Step 10: Will the AFL ever get to Asia - not in your life time Andrew - Hobart is your overseas travel option in 2012....mate!

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