Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Eddie Everywhere except Asia thinks the Asia Cup is a lemon.....

So Eddie everywhere except Asia thinks the Asia Cup is a lemon as he told Sir Frank Lowy in his recent Fox Sports interview on some AFL show.

Not a bad little interview, Frank was very impressive and you have to wonder if Frank had dropped the ball on the A-League in recent years given the good news flowing after one meeting with Nathan Tinkler this week.

Eddie is a so-called Celtic fan, loves the game we're told and yet "we all think it'll be a lemon" his comment stank of AFL hierarchy once again dreading and plotting a way to sabotage the Asia Cup.

The Asia Cup will be no lemon. Games for Japan, Korea, China if they make it and Australia will be very healthy with strong travelling support.

And of course the viewing figures for Iran v Saudia Arabia will make the Collingwood President weep.

Was this the first little barb in guys the Asia Cup is coming how do we the AFL sabotage it.

Wake up team let's get on to it! Geelong v Adelaide in January anyone?

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