Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Have Canberra FC won their last football title?

With just 200 points on offer in Canberra Football under the new salary cap, assuming the administrative nightmare but beautiful plan is passed into play next season - 10 points for each player - and only 20 players in a squad; it is soon apparent that Canberra FC and Cooma are going to struggle in years to come.

How many of their current squad came through the ranks?

I've no idea but I suspect the Premier 16 and 18s are indicative of where we are heading.

Woden and Belconnen are already dominating Premier 16 and 18s football - as you'd expect two of the biggest player pools and best organised clubs to do.

 And I suspect under the new model less stupid player payments by the few clubs able to spend (waste), and more money spent on resources and development, will see these clubs further flourish.

Under the new model surely Canberra FC has just won it's last championship ever. Given they are looking decidedly dodgy this year you can't see them winning again if the changes come through, can you?

Not with a junior player base of just 120 kids - of course a little purchasing of young players might be required - but I can't see it, not anymore. Each player moving from another club adds 8 points to the salary cap on top of his mandatory 10. So let's say a club has 5 or 6 players out of 20 from another club then that's 248 points before you start.

You can either drop the squad to 16 perhaps - hardly sustainable to win a title or get rid of a few of the transferring players and bring a few locals that you've developed. All good but you can't guarantee you win the league anymore can you!

No matter what you pay!

So Woden, Gungahlin, Belconnen and maybe dear old Tuggies (remember them) are expected to take the lead in coming years. In time Monaro should also flourish or whoever snaps up Brindabella Youth.

Radford, Marist and all school teams - wonder where they'll end up?

And of course a Belconnen United, Woden Valley in five or ten years, under this model could attract a much larger crowd for a Grand Final than Canberra FC/Olympic.

Wouldn't that be interesting! There is, finally, plenty of scope in Canberra to develop club, and local pride. The communities are much more likely to rally and plan financially over time if players invariably play and stay with their junior clubs. And if real development starts to happen consistently across all clubs.

Does any club really have a sustainable model for player development currently? One you are satisfied with for a player at any nominated age level. I'd like to hear if you think they have.

As volunteers there is only so much we can do and I reckon we're all doing it! But if some of the Senior Clubs turned some of their income towards junior player development instead of wasting it on older fella's well slowly we might even get a few paid coaches of our kids!

 An interesting model - how Canberra FC and the likes of Cooma respond only time will tell. I feel more for Cooma than Canberra FC - I'm sure most of the Community do to.

 Perhaps Canberra FC should provide their funds and home ground to Woden Valley, merge the clubs and wham bam what a power house you could have. Canberra FC will surely not let this model in without a fight - but all the other clubs, bar Cooma will probably be delighted.

 Time for creative thinking from our Canberra FC friends. I'd love to hear how they will view this. I think their lack of progress as a club over the last 15 years, the sole focus on winning the men's Premier League title has come home to roost.

Have they grown their player base?

Have they grown their supporter base?

Have they got any closer to higher football - not after last years Grand Final - a final nail more like. Can they Canberra FC deliver more titles in coming years?

 More importantly what can they do to remain relevant, use their football passion and expertise to develop the game further in Canberra?

We need Canberra FC in Canberra but perhaps not in it's current form. If this proud club wants to remain relevant they have to act and act quickly. What did they learn from the Grand Final wee colourful party? What will they take from this report.

 Look on the bright side someone at the club will save a lot of money!


JJ said...

Get your facts right. Take a look at the current team lists on the Capital Football site for this weekend's games and you'll find that Canberra FC will have more home grown players than Woden. Of the Canberra FC who weren't Canberra FC juniors 2 are from Goulburn, and those guys have to play somewhere, and the rest are still teenagers who joined Canberra FC from the Academy so those boys weren't with a club for 3 or 4 years, again they've got to play somewhere. I see at least 3 Monaro juniors in Woden's squad plus a few others who came from other clubs even Canberra FC, not to mention their overseas recruits.

simo said...

You want them yo use there football and passion and expertise in Canberra, but not at their own club??? I agree they need to change, but your clear bias against FC can't be taken seriously. I don't hear anyone complaining the FC's prem women had 5 united players on Sunday, stacking the books?