Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Video technology - who needs it! Henry is still a cheat!

Now I know Andy Harper wants Video Technology to assist his ageing vision, but I'm nothing if I'm not older than the great presenter and I don't want it.

 Who needs it?

Let the game flow, let the disputes linger and at the end of the day does life have to be so scrutinised and judged.

England would never have won their one and only World Cup - but who cares, not this Aussie, Irishman or European!

Time to chill out - and where does the video technology stop, only on goal mouth actions, penalties, or free kicks outside the box etc etc.

And how the grassroots copy the video ref - it's tedious in Rugby League, it would be tedious in football.

So what if clubs lose money based on these decisions - football is a game before it is a business and those that enter this sort of business just have to lump it.

 Let the ref make the call and here's hoping he/she gets it right most of the time.

 Otherwise Diego would never have scored against England - or Thierry Henry would not be the cheat he is and Ireland not the cheating French would have gone to the World Cup.

 Does it really matter? Of course but not enough to bring in the Video Ref.

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