Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Finally an Anthem for an A-League team -

Got to admit overseas countries do it better, fan singing, whole stadium involvement.

Think Japan in June when the Aussies go there - the singing will be non-stop.

And of course Celtic Park - the fans, all of them, know how to sing.

Melbourne Victory do a great gig - down one end, the Cove never let you down, but no club has been able to create an anthem and get the whole club behind it. Or so it seems to me.

The National Team still hasn't got a unifying anthem. Why not?

So maybe just maybe the Western Sydney Wanderers could have found one.

If modernised - a little rebellious, a great feel but will it take off where it counts - in the stands?

Has any football team in Australia ever got the whole crowd singing? National team needs it - A-League clubs need it. But can we do it?

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AJ said...

I hate watching Japan games because there chanting is just the same thing repeated constantly for 90 mins, very annoying