Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Spain are not Barcelona, they are not the future of football, in fact they could bore us to death!

If you watch Spain play - it's beautiful, wonderful passing.

And it's often 1-0, only 1-0, so are they really so much better than the rest?

 Hopefully someone has a real go at them and shakes football to the core. It's time! Barcelona has Messi - goals, pace and excitement added to all the wonderful passing.

But when the pubs in England empty out, or worse still people start talking instead of watching the game - because it's Spain, pass, pass move but no end product - something else is happening.

Spain are boring.

Now you can't say that too loudly in Australia - and yes they are a wonderful team - but give me a team with a Messi or even Ronaldo. Excitement, amazing skill and goal, goals goals.

Two defensive midfielders make Spain a much more boring product than Barca, Alonso replacing Messi - don't even start.

The Beautiful Game - not where Spain are concerned. Winning finals 1-0 is a great achievement, but they are not excitement plus, not in the last World Cup, not in this Euro.

Passing is beautiful - but I want end product - and really champion teams should destroy other top teams. Think Barcelona v Man United. End product and lots of it. Come on Ronaldo!

Please note: Craig Foster has just done a wtf - he's had a god help Australia moment.

Further: I never watch the English Championship - ever!

And I never ever watch Bolton, Rangers, Wigan, Rangers, Stoke, Rangers, Everton, Rangers, Sunderland, Rangers, Chelsea, Rangers, Newcastle, Rangers, Blackburn, Rangers, Aston Villa, Rangers, West Brom, Rangers, Wolves, Rangers, Liverpool, Rangers, or any other useless English Premier League teams who play dire football. There are an awful lot of them!

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