Sunday, 28 October 2012

A-League - a line been drawn?

Four games in and we're getting a feel for the season ahead.

Melbourne Heart,West Sydney Wanderers, Sydney FC and probably Wellington Phoenix are my current tips for the bottom four places this year.

The Heart flattered in their first game but have struggled since. Dylan MacAllister got rave reviews in game one. but I wasn't fooled. The forward line looks to be a little unimaginative. David Williams isnt really going to win a game for you is he?

What can help the Heart? Possibly Vinny Grella, if he can still run, could release Richard Garcia into a more forward direct role. This could save their season. What else?

West Sydney simply will not score enough goals despite a wonderful win on the weekend.

The Phoenix will struggle away from home and as a result may never get into the top six. Sydney FC - can't see them making it can you?

Four games, two wins, penalties and free kicks galore and little else. No goals from open play, or few and therefore few points will come their way.

Surely Melbourne Victory can improve. If they can keep a few clean sheets that would help and on this form they are pushing the bottom four, with the Phoenix possibly penning them down.

Brisbane, Mariners, Perth, Adelaide and Newcastle look healthy. All seem to have plenty of options in their squad this year and are guaranteed goals you'd think.

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