Sunday, 28 October 2012

Would Ange let Berisha run around like that?

Interesting to watch Berisha run around headless on the weekend. How deep can a number 9 go? Would Ange allow that?

Thomas Broich gave away more balls in one game than in the whole of the previous season. Would Ange allow that? Central Broich as well! Rado - it aint working is it.

The Roar kept coming, but it wasn't like the Roar of old was it.

You never really felt they were going to break the Wanderers down.

Watching the Roar post Ange - there have been changes in this order.

1. More defeats.
2. Longer passes
3. More poor passes
4. Player movement gone haywire, watch Berisha
5. Ivan Franjic a key mobile player crucial to the Roar system has missed a number of of games already.

Bad day at the office or signs of change?

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