Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Jitka Klimkova - my pick for the next Australian Coach

With Matildas Coach Tom Sermanni stepping down the search is on for the next Coach.
Should we appoint from within, or bring in new ideas? Certainly we need someone who can lead the game not just the team. Tactful and savvy with the media and of course a great coach of a team reaching for the heights.

So who is out there? Here's my top three in no particularly order.  

Robbie Hooker? Professional, former Matildas and now current Socceroos Assistant, Robbie is experienced and able to pick up where Tom left off. Would he bring new ideas? He'd keep the ship moving you'd think but would he take it forward? a recognised outstanding coach, is he the top man, a leader? Media savvy? Not sure he'd promote the game as well as Tom.  

Jitka Klimkova? Jitka is not Australian but has won the W-League title with Canberra United. A natural progression? Thought very highly of in the W-League, and standout Coach from the current crop. Professional, able and hugely talented. Media savvy? Very.  

Spencer Prior? Limited experience as a Head Coach, would probably represent a big risk. Although Tom Sermanni has had plenty of time to make his assessment of both Spencer and Robbie. If the former EPL player gets the gig he's won the Golden Ticket - from retired EPL player to Head Coach of a National team, and not just any national team but one from the lucky country.

I don't think he's ever been a Head Coach of a professional team. He is the current Assistant to Tom Sermanni. Media savvy? Certainly he's done a lot of work in this area but unproven as head of a national media circus.

It it time for a female Coach? Unless it's Klimkova it isn't going to happen is it?
Should the Coach be Australian? Yes and no.

It's important to grow the game and the coaching opportunities in Australia. I'd like to see an Australian Coach or someone currently living and committed to the game in Australia.

That makes the three candidates above top of the list. I think taking all things into account

I'd go with Klimkova. Or is there someone else in the wings? Gary van Egmond?

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