Sunday, 4 November 2012

United leave it late - but what quality goals..sssh don't tell the Canberra Times

Funny how people see a game of football.

I read the Canberra Times report of the game between Canberra United and Adelaide and you got a sense it was all United and they left it late but the report missed the real talking point among the fans.

The sheer quality of the goals.

Caitlin Cooper rose at the NEARPOST like that leaping salmon and thundered the ball into the net. The tension lifted immediately.

It was a crucial goal at a crucial point in the game.

United had struggled to complete many of their excellent opportunities and Adelaide had clung to a 1-0 lead. 

But a more powerful leap and header than Coopers you won't see.

 Until the second goal.

Ariane Hingst drove a free kick into the ball into the box with such power and pace, it had to be seen to be believed.

No-one in the stands wanted to head it believe me.

Ellie Brush came tearing in, leaping into the path of the ball and simply smashed the ball home.

It was the winning goal. It deserved to be the winning goal and Captain Brush, who had been leaping and winning headers all day, showed the determination, skill and leadership to win the game.

And then enter Sammy Wood. Wood picked the ball up maybe 20 - 25 metres out (40 in the Canberra Times apparently, that would make the half way circle in my book) and having only just come on, looked up and drove and effectively lobbed the keeper.

No mean feat, especially when you consider Sammy is in her first season and only just getting a few minutes on the park. This was her second run as substitute.

To understand the importance of the goal to Sammy, to Jitka you have to know something about the game, the players. If Sammy can score a goal like that in those minutes who knows what she can do over the season.

 I think it was the confidence to try the shot that impressed me most. The delivery? Well that sent me home smiling!

You can read the Canberra Times report here!

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