Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sydney FC: The entertainers. And have they found a no. 9?

Have you ever seen Sydney FC entertain like that?

They were sharp out of the blocks, took the lead with a great finish and with a little more urgency could have been a couple up early.

The Mariners were all at sea, unusually sloppy with their ball retention in front of their back four and the defence was losing tackles and players at will.

But Sydney despite being handed the lead and the initiative contrived to throw it all away in an instant.

The keeper spilled a tame shot, and Seb Ryall simply bundled the ball home to ensure it was a double catatrosphe.

It got worse.

Josh Rose parked himself in the attack...Holger must be worried about Emmo defensively after that..and Tommy Rogic slowly delivered the ball to anyone who wanted it and if they didn't he simply shot and scored himself.

Trent McClenahan fouled in the box when the danger had passed. Did he have a bet on.

3-1 and that's before half time. Sydney simply couldn't defend.

And then Ian Crook sends them out with a back three.

I kid you not. We all screamed it's going to be a mauling.

7-2. It was.

Danny McBreen even scored three!!!

Adam Griffith, Pascal Bosschardt and Fabio could easily reduce this game to a 3-2 type of defeat...and that's at best.

The positives? Sydney showed some attacking flair, real creativity against a Mariners team not easy to breakdown.

How many times have we watched a laborious Sydney FC build up...slowly. Oh for the days!

Have they found a new number 9 in the Panamanian. Jason Culina and ADP will need young legs around them. But it might be worth getting Yau in front of ADP. Surely ADP can release this guy. Lovrek is never going to score is he?

Sydney can be a good team, they have the players but do they have the Coaching staff.

After the performance in Wellington - they had a pre-season to prepare for that - the game last week and last night you wonder what they are going to build on in training this week.

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